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car respray services

Is your car looking its age? When this happens, make your vehicle look its best again by visiting our garage. Our respray service can make your car look as good as new. We accommodate a range of vehicles and only use the finest quality products to produce a high quality, seamless finish. Contact us if you are in or around Birmingham.

Give your car a stunning finish

  • Complete car respray service

  • Repair & spray alloys

  • Permanent rust removal

  • All types of paintwork

  • Colour matching



Our car respray services:

It is recommended that you give your car expert attention every few months. At  Auto Master Body, we are fully equipped with the latest technology to carry out all types of services, whether you need new tyres or accidental damage repair, we will handle it with ease. You can also choose from our selection of quality used cars if you are looking for a vehicle in Birmingham.

Stay ahead of damage with our help

Give your car a pristine finish and enhance its value with Master Auto Body. Call


Want to change the colour of your car? A car respray service is what you need. Call us for a quote today.