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tyre fitting services

Are your tyres causing you to skid? Get them fixed. An optimally functioning tyre is pivotal to the safety of your vehicle. At Master Auto Body, our tyre fitting service will help your car function at maximum efficiency. Whether you need a new tyre or want your existing tyre repaired, our professional team of experts will have your car sorted quickly. Contact us if you are in or around Birmingham.

Stay safe on the road with quality tyres

•   New tyres fitted

•   Cold weather tyres

•   Wheel balancing

•   Tread measurement

•   Remoulded tyres

•   Top brands available

Our tyre fitting services include:

If your car body is in poor condition, don't let it get worse. Timely repair and care can help you keep your car in great condition. We provide high quality repair services at Master Auto Body. Whether it is a small repair or a major overhaul, you can depend on us to produce excellent repair services quickly. Get in touch with us if you are in or around Birmingham.

Affordable and efficient repairs

You can rely on us for car repairs, dent removals and resprays at highly affordable prices. Call


Are you looking for used cars? We have a range of quality cars in all makes and models. Call us to explore further.